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Soundtrack from the old Visitors Center
(07-05-2016, 07:53 PM)Victoria Wrote: My guess is that certain elements may have been recorded later in the process after most of the film had already been scored and the CDs went into pressing.  

What makes me more curious is why the music at the end of the soundtrack is on there. I haven't listened to it in a while, but there's a very celebratory, circus-like track near the end of the CD that I don't recall hearing in the film.

Sunrise O'er Jurassic World? You hear a bit of it when the boys get on the Gyrosphere and drive/ roll away from the boarding platform.

(07-05-2016, 05:43 PM)scallenger Wrote: Jurassic Park had a generous album of 70 minutes when it was originally released, although it did oddly feature "End Credits" twice (both at the end of the album and also within "Welcome To Jurassic Park", virtually identical). I was always mad that the space of over 3 minutes was wasted on essentially a copy/paste job when it could have gone to one of the other cues of variety. 

I never understood it either! They are indeed largely the same. The film version of "T-Rex Rescue & Finale" differs from the album version as well. The moment the Tyrannosaurus appears in the film, the music is more upbeat (the "Welcome to Jurassic Park/ Journey to the Island" theme), the original track is darker. 

Thanks for your lengthy post, very insightful!

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