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Soundtrack from the old Visitors Center
You're very welcome! I felt it was something that needed to finally be explained, despite there not being any real clear answers.

The film version of "T-Rex Rescue & Finale" is actually just an edit from the "Journey to the Island" theme, and was never recorded for this scene. Probably done in post to make the Rex's arrival more badass and triumphant for the audience. The original track on the album was the only way John Williams ever intended for the moment to be scored, and he clearly went for the terror of the moment, which of course could have worked as well. It would be realistically more terrifying to have the Rex suddenly arrive. Sure, it goes after the raptors, but it may have just as easily slammed one of the raptors down and gone after a human next. He also may have scored it that way to just focus on the clashing of two prehistoric "terrors", which there is nothing triumphant about that.

Still, I think the film's edit made the right call for the audience at that point. It works really well.

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