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Chronicle Collectibles have teased their upcoming night vision goggles!
wow i would love a pair of them sooo cool
Hey guys,

First post here, but I think some of may know my youTube channel Jurassic Collectables.  This is a prop I'm very passionate about so I thought I'd chime in.

Just an update on the Chronicle goggles & what we know:-

Chronicle have scanned one the original hero props (talk is that there were two hero) and they look like this

[Image: C4Fxb3aWYAA9Cd-.jpg:large]

They've also released an image of a 1/2 scale test shot they've printed and painted.  Looks great, and they said they may offer this as a subscription box goodie or similar in future.  Shown below

[Image: C5Rven1WEAA4QSs.jpg:large]

So as far as we know, the 1:1 prop will be a match for the hero prop.  They also suggested that there will be no working lens motors, but there will be a lens extending paddle/slider so that you can manually wind the lenses in and out with your hands.  Lighting should be in there, that's much easier to replicate.

So 1:1 light up hand-winding goggles on the horizon.  I for one am excited to see what they come up with!


It looks great so far! I want a miniature copy!
Have they said anything about price? Man I want one but their stuff is so expensive.
[Image: 6vIXy1e.jpg]
Now I wish I had money. . . .
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"Its ability to cause problems has certainly been confirmed!"
Known in other places as TheRexMan22!

I'm waiting for the dolls (am I supposed to call them dolls or action figures?) of Alan Grant and (hopefully) Ellie Sattler. My wish is they will create Sarah Harding as well - Malcolm seems a given, and we know Owen will be produced.

Those statues are too expensive for my taste, and fragile too.
By chance, I ran into the "Break Out T. rex" in a shop window; while I'm happy I was given the chance to observe it in reality, I felt disappointed by how it turned out. It looks... unfinished, as if it's missing something. It might have been the paint job, and the details (which lacked, in my opinion).

It will, no doubt, make someone very happy once they find it here. They might want to pay attention to the left eyebrow though; a chip came off, exposing a bit of white material below.

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